The Society organises a regular programme of talks and seminars between September and May each year.

In view of the present Covid-19 emergency the Society has decided that it will not be possible to hold our next few lectures in our usual “face-to-face” fashion. For the next few months, until the situation eases, lectures will be delivered over the Internet using ZOOM. In the absence of geographic constraints, the program will be a joint one.

It will be necessary to pre-register your intention to attend so that we can email you the information you will need to attend. Click on the symbol below to book places on the event.

In the present circumstances this timetable must be regarded as rather uncertain in respect of events in the far future.

Date     Event Title   Speakers

Thu 29th October 2020
Annual General Meeting (details here ) at 14:00 followed by –
The Evolution of LEO, the World's First Business Computer
  John Daines  

Thu 19th November 2020
The Origins of GENESYS, the General Engineering System   Brian Shearing  

Thu 17th December 2020
Computer Films   Dan Hayton  

Thu 21th January 2021
Early Australian computer developments including CSIRAC and the work of Trevor Pearcey   Barbara Ainsworth  

Thu 18th February 2021
Arpanet, agile and the start of computer science   David Grier  

Thu 18th March 2021
A world first! Early real-time systems in the 1960s steel industry – the technology, the developers and the users.   Geoff Henderson  

Thu 15th April 2021
Cash and Dash: How ATMs and Computers Changed Banking   Bernardo Batiz-Lazo  

Thu 20th May 2021
Historiography of the History of Computing: Master Narratives   Doron Swade