Information for Speakers at CCS Meetings

Organiser – London Programme Secretary, Roger Johnson, .

  1. The CCS is a special interest group of BCS the Chartered Institute for IT (formerly the British Computer Society). It was founded in 1989 and is one of the world’s largest computer history societies. Our membership is over 1,000 in the UK and worldwide. It is composed mainly of professionals from the IT community. It runs monthly lecture programmes in London and Manchester as well as supporting a large range of computer restoration and other projects. Members receive a copy of our quarterly Journal Resurrection.
  2. Our monthly London meetings are held normally on Thursday afternoons at the BCS London premises – 25 Copthall Avenue in Moorgate.
  3. In addition, our lectures are available via Zoom for members who prefer not to travel.
  4. Our meetings usually last up to two hours with a lecture lasting up to an hour followed by a discussion with audience members. Meetings are free to attend (unless otherwise stated) and open to all who are interested in the subject. Attendance is typically 80-120 including remote attendees using Zoom but in person attendance is currently quite modest since we introduced Zoom attendance. Talks are recorded and normally webcast following the meeting. For detail of forthcoming and previous lectures, see
  5. As we webcast our talks may we remind you to ensure that you do not use copyright material, such as photographs, without permission of the copyright owner? With older material it is recognised that sometimes it is no longer possible to trace the copyright owner but reasonable efforts should be made.

Arrangements for a Meeting

  1. Once a speaker has accepted an invitation to speak, we start to publicise the meeting widely. It is therefore important that we have the title for the talk as quickly as convenient and, unless vital, that the title is not changed subsequently.
  2. A short synopsis (2-3 paragraphs suggested) and biography of the speaker (1-2 paragraphs) is needed for the website not less than 6 months ahead of the event. A photo is optional but is useful.
  3. The CCS provides a Windows laptop and lectern for use by speakers together with projector, microphones and amplification equipment. If you have any special requirements please contact the London Programme Secretary.
  4. The CCS is able to pay for bus or standard class return train fares within the UK. For speakers from outside the UK, and anyone needing overnight accommodation, the Programme Secretary will contact you to agree specific financial arrangements in conjunction with the Treasurer. All expenses claims will need to be supported by official invoices and/or receipts (but electronic versions are perfectly acceptable).
  5. The London Programme Secretary is always happy to address any further queries.