Past events for the season 2022-2023

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London Events
Date     Event Title   Speakers

Mon 24th October 2022
Annual General Meeting at 14:00 followed by –
Singer System Ten – ICL’s Surprise Success Story.
  John Panter + Alan Wakefield & Mike Knight

Thu 17th November 2022
Edinburgh Multi Access System (EMAS)   Bob Eager

Thu 15th December 2022
Film Show   Dan Hayton  

Thu 19th January 2023
Birth of the Barcode   Derrick Brown

Thu 16th February 2023
The Mobile Revolution: the Early Days of Cellular, 1983 - 1993. A Personal View.   John Carrington

Thu 16th March 2023
Programming an ICT 1900 – and how we wrote Maximop for QMC’s ICL 1905E   Arthur Dransfield

Thu 20th April 2023
Kathleen Booth – UK Computer Pioneer   Roger Johnson

Thu 18th May 2023
QR Codes for Beginners   Tony Davies
Manchester Events
Date     Event Title   Speakers

Tue 31st January 2023
The evolution of digital cellular data communications   Andy Sutton

Tue 28th March 2023
Collecting Memories: Oral History With British Computer Pioneers   Dr Tom Lean  

Tue 30th May 2023
Alan Turing’s Manchester   Jonathan Swinton