QR Codes for Beginners

Speaker: Tony Davies
Date: Thursday 18th May 2023
Time: 14:30

25 Copthall Ave, London EC2R 7BP and
Via the Internet using ZOOM.


About the seminar

QR codes were invented to help Toyota manufacture cars, to hold more information than Bar Codes by using two dimensions. They did not use the existing 2D code standard and also decided not to patent them. So after a surprising decision to release them for any others to use, they became freely available to everyone and hence versatile for many applications at no cost. The talk will describe the basic features and compare with traditional error-correcting codes.

About the speaker

Tony Davies was born in the year of the Berlin Olympics at which Adolf Hitler was upset by an American “person of colour” winning a race. It was also the year of the world’s first public television broadcast (which was sent out from Alexandra Palace). As a teenager, he was more or less obliged to be in his school’s cadet force, which prepared him well for the two year National Service in REME (at the time of the Hungarian revolution and Suez crisis). After being then awarded a first class honours BSc(Eng) at Southampton, and working for GEC in Coventry, he has travelled widely and done many interesting things, including consultant for the Admiralty Underwater Establishment and unpaid volunteer work mostly for IEEE in North America and Europe – including a return trip to Siberia in 2009 – visiting several research institutes in Akademgorodok – which were in a wooded forest area, each one isolated from the others and all supposed to not really exist.

The photo of the steam locomotive is the WW2 war memorial in Novosibirsk to the fight against Nazi Germany. It is a full size well maintained steam engine – but of course never moves

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