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ICT/ICL 1900 Series

The ICT 1900 Series, announced in 1964 and with first delivery the following year, originated in Canada as the Ferranti-Packard 6000. ICT developed this initial machine into a compatible range of eight models with performance spanning a range of roughly 1:20. Three later generations of technology extended the top end of the range by a further factor of six by the year 1973 the final models being introduced the following year. The 1900 system was replaced as ICL's main offering in 1974 by the 2900 Series but cost-reduced hardware at the bottom end of the range (2903 and ME29) extended the architecture well into the 1980s and, at the top end the 2900 range supported 1900 software under emulation into the 21st century.

to a web page maintained by Brian Spoor where you will find a long list of downloadable 1900 emulators and original software. In particular the George 3 emulator written by David Holdsworth and Delwyn Holroyd and a low-level emulator for the 1904S by Bill Gallagher and Brian Spoor.