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CICS 50th Anniversary

Speaker: Paul Martynenko & colleagues
Date: Thursday 18th April 2019
Time: 14:30

BCS, 5 Southampton St, London WC2E 7HA


About the seminar

IBM® CICS® is software providing exceptional transactional performance and connectivity for mission-critical transactions for customers all over the world. Several banking customers run in excess of a billion transactions a day using CICS. In 2019 CICS celebrates its 50th anniversary and its continuous development in IBM Hursley since 1974. This session will explore how CICS has continually evolved to remain the worlds’s leading mainframe transactional server and will look at the technology and the associated social history. Leading this session are Steve Wallin, Director of CICS, Paul Fairbairn CICS Development Manager, Nick Garrod CICS Enablement Manager, Catherine Moxey, CICS architect, and Dave Key CICS Technical Specialist.

  1. Paul Fairbairn to introduce the folks on stage
  2. 50 Years of Software Development - slide Presentation
  3. CICS the first 50 years
    1. What is CICS (what happens in a second video) running in back ground
    2. Product evolution/History (CICS timeline chart as a backdrop). Mapping CICS journey to “50 years of software development” – topics such as:
      1. Parallel Sysplex (logger)
      2. multiprocessing (Threadsafe)
      3. High Availability
      4. EXEC CICS
      5. Restructuring
      6. WebServices
      7. Modern Languages
      8. Modernisation (Explorer)
    3. ex CICS employees may be in the audience, so a good opportunity to get them to share their thoughts on items
  4. CICS its people
    1. Hall of Fame looping presentation in background of the CICS Hall of Fame to date
    2. Process & Organisation – (CICS Timeline chart with key process and organisational changes added e.g. move to agile, design thinking).
    3. The CICS Family includes Clients, BPs. User Groups, Tech Conferences etc GenZ.
  5. CICS the next 50 years
    1. Future of CICS
  6. Questions

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