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Restoring the 2966

Speaker: Delwyn Holroyd
Date: Tue 20th March 2018
Time: 17:00 for 17:30

Conference room of the Royal Northern College of Music, Booth St East M13 9RD




About the seminar

When power was first applied to the 2966 processor in 2009, not even an LED display showing the error code was working. From this inauspicious start we will journey through the trials and tribulations of bringing the largest machine at TNMOC back to life after 10 years spent in less than ideal storage conditions. The story involves a surprising amount of mechanical engineering, software archeology, searching for needles in a haystack of a million aperture cards, emulation and a Russian connection. In 2014 the project reached a major milestone with the establishment of a George 3 MOP service which now drives three terminals, however the work is far from complete.

About the speaker

Delwyn Holroyd started his career in computing in 1987 with ICL Mainframe Systems at West Gorton. During his time at ICL he worked with the Series 39 SX OCP, VME and Open TP teams. Since 1994 his work has been in the fields of non-linear video editing and visual effects compositing software. He is currently co-founder and Technical Director at Codex Digital, a company that provides recording and workflow solutions for the professional cinematography industry. Delwyn joined the National Museum of Computing in 2009 as a volunteer and leads the 2966 and HDC project teams.