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KDF8 a Retrospective

Speaker: Neil Macphail
Date: Tue 16th January 2018
Time: 17:00 for 17:30

Conference room of the Royal Northern College of Music, Booth St East M13 9RD




About the seminar

A very young and inexperienced youth with a passion for computers was hired by English Electric Leo Marconi in 1964 to work in development at Kidsgrove. He arrived at the end of KDP10 production and had his first experience of development on KDF8. Now a retired development manager from West Gorton, I look back on that system with eyes shaped by 37 years in the business. My aim is to share with you what the KDF8 computer system consisted of and how it worked, mostly from a hardware point of view. I will also share a few experiences along the way.