Computer ◆ Conservation ◆ Society


Speaker: Peter Onion
Date: Thursday 16th November 2017
Time: 14:30

BCS, 5 Southampton St, London WC2E 7HA


About the seminar

The Seminar will discuss:

  • What is the purpose of emulation in the context of the CCS.
  • Peter's guiding principles for Emulation.
  • The history of the 803 emulator.
  • A guided tour of the virtual 803.

About the speaker

Peter Onion was first introduced to an Elliott 803 at Loughborough Grammar School. This was one of several 2nd hand 803s that found their way into UK schools in the 1970s. He began working on an 803 emulator in ~1985. Peter first became involved with the CCS during the time that an 803 was under restoration in the old canteen at the Science Museum.

Today Peter helps maintain TNMOC’s Elliott 803 and enjoys writing Algol 60 and machine code programmes to demonstrate the machine to visitors.

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