Official Record of the ANSA Project

1985 - 1998

Notes added 23/10/2016 by Andrew Herbert, one time Chief Architect of the ANSA Project.

The files in this archive are copies of a CD-ROM issued to members of the ANSA Consortium at the end of the ANSA Project in 1999. The CD-ROM contained an archive of the content of the ANSA web site which was hosted for many years by BT, but has now been lost. The web site contained copies of the written deliverables (i.e., reports, presentations, etc) of ANSA and associated projects, but unfortunately none of the software deliverables.

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Phase 1 UK Alvey funding 1985 - 1988
Phase 2 EU Esprit funding (ISA project 2267) 1989 - 1993
Phase 3 Full industrial funding 1994 - 1999

Sponsors website (, no longer accessible)

Internal web sites: web sites for various ANSA sub-projects and associated activities.

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