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Bletchley Park and the Computer Conservation Society


27 August 08
Funding Campaign gathers support - more needed Bletchley Park is seeking substantial funding to secure its future. Recent newspaper articles explain more - see a Leading Article in the Independent, a supporting story mentioning Colossus, and an interesting personal story with recollections from a woman codebreaker.

12 June 08
TNMOC starts Video Series - see the CCS secretary and an Elliott 803

Supporting Computer Conservation at Bletchley

CCS members will be aware of the significance of the early developments at Bletchley, and the part the Society has played in the rebuild projects for the Colossus and the Bombe machines.

Individual support from members is welcome - do visit Bletchley Park to see how these machines are displayed for today´s generation, and to appreciate what more could be done, and what is needed to maintain the site and historic buildings.

Both the Bletchley Park Trust and the National Museum of Computing are registered charities, and welcome donations - gift aid donations are particularly welcome - see below for more details.

Conservation Projects at Bletchley

Bletchley Park is home to two major conservation project rebuilds which have been supported by the Computer Conservation Society, and carried out by members of the society.

The Colossus rebuild is on display in the in The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC). Colossus broke the Lorenz teleprinter codes in WW2.

The Bombe is on display as part of the Bletchley Park Museum, with supporting exhibits showing the Enigma, and how its codes were broken in WW2 - see all about the Bombe.

For more about each museum it is best to go to each website. The National museum of Computing website has news, links to many press articles, as well as about visiting and donating (including a Gift Aid Form). The Bletchley Park website has news, event information, as well as about visiting, membership, and donating.